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QRCopy is a Windows app that lets you transfer data to any mobile device and back again, quickly and easily and at the click of a button, without wifi or an internet connection.

QRCopy uses ordinary QR codes for data transfer - it generates QR codes and it turns your webcam into a robust QR code scanner.

Latest News

14 april 2016
Create custom QR code images instantly:   E.g. http://qrcopy.net/?your text here using qrcopy.net/? - the qr code app built into every web browser on the internet.

18 feb 2016
INVISIBLE MOUSE TRIAL (FREE) RELEASED:   Try invisible Mouse for free.

19 dec 2015
INVISIBLE MOUSE RELEASED:   Control your computer using just your hand and your Leap Motion Controller.

Invisible Mouse home page

1 oct 2015
Get your hands on the beta release of QRCopy version 2:   Want to see QRCopy on steroids? Hope you don't mind a few bugs...

QRCopy version 2 beta download

30 jan 2014
Take a first look at QRCopy version 2:   We've posted a couple of short demo videos on Youtube.

QRCopy version 2 preview video 1 - decoding a screen full of QR codes

QRCopy version 2 preview video 2 - webcam-based QR code scanner real-time QR code tracking and decoding



Michael and Cassandra show us how easy it is to use QRCopy. Today they are using it because they found a great dinner recipe while on their PC, but Michael wants the ingredients list on his mobile phone so he can go to the store and get the ingredients. Because they have QRCopy installed on their PC, they're able to copy-and-paste the ingredients list directly from the PC's web browser to Michael's mobile phone. All it takes is two button clicks then Michael holds up his phone to the computer screen for a second or two and the ingredients list appears on his phone, almost by magic.

QRCopy browser app

QRCopy In-Browser App Click to open the QRCopy HTML5 browser app - use the QRCopy code generator right now Works on almost any HTML5 browser - run it from your pc or mobile device (Android, iOS/iPod/iPad/iPhone, Windows Phone 8 etc) to copy information back to your PC, generate qr codes and more. Works even when offline when run in HTML5 browsers.

QRCopy to device

QRCopy QR Code - Scan this QR code with your mobile or any device equipped with a QR code scanner - access and use QRCopy from all your devices Scan this QR code to get QRCopy on your mobile device


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